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Top 10 countries to live and work in the EU

The European Union is the prime location for people looking to move to an international location to find work. Finding work in Europe will help you gain international exposure and a chance to work in a globally-oriented workplace, where people of all nationalities work together. With a mix of all nationalities and languages, you may find anybody from anywhere in the cubicle next to you. There are several countries in the EU, and it may be challenging to decide which country is the best for expats to work in. Therefore, we bring you the Top 10 Countries to Live and Work in the EU to help choose what’s best for you.


Situated in western Europe, France offers something for everyone, including tourists and workers alike. Encompassing both extravagant resorts and beautiful hilltop villages, France is known for the diversity of its landscapes and the extraordinary heritage hidden in its architecture. 

While it oozes high culture, it is also a leader when it comes to work and life balance, making it one of the best countries to work in. French workers have 35-hour work weeks, coupled with flexible working hours to top it all. The government of France even gives its workers the ‘Right to Disconnect’, which gives the workers the right to not respond to any work-related calls or emails after work hours are over. 


The land of Germany and have seen a fair share of misconceptions around them, but Germany is a haven for people looking to live, study and work in one of the EU countries. Starting October 2014, Germany waived tuition fees for all resident and international students in all public universities, providing a boost to the education of the country, which has a literacy rate of over 96%.

For the working population, the German government has multiple regulations in place. The work-hour regulations say that you cannot work on Sundays or national holidays, and should limit your work wee to a maximum of 48 hours. Germany offers some of the best jobs in Europe, especially in the field of research, STEM and IT. 

United Kingdom

Enriched with a remarkable history and spectacular architecture, the United Kingdom is one of the finest EU countries to relocate to for work. Over the past few years, the UK has seen a substantial influx of immigrants from all around the globe. The living conditions are considerably better than many EU countries, with public schools offering free education, and public hospitals providing free healthcare to all. 

The unemployment rate is meager when compared to other developed countries, and the working conditions are employee friendly with rules put in place to ensure a balance between life and work. The UK offers multiple working opportunities to its inhabitants from all over the world, and scores of Indian nationals have found their home and job in the UK.


Norway boasts of coastal mountains, beautiful fjords, and glaciers, each contributing to the beauty of the country in its own way. The Arctic circle holds the northern part of Norway, and the midnight sun adds to the spectacular scenes Norway has to offer.

Apart from striking sceneries, Norway is one of the top-ranked countries when it comes to the standard of living, and has been on top of the rankings for over a decade. The country offers ample opportunities for people looking to work and welcomes them with robust workforce laws to keep employee manipulation to a minimum.


If you want to work in an EU country that welcomes diversity and progressiveness, the Netherlands is the country you are looking for. You will get the opportunity to work in global cities such as Amsterdam and the Hague, which have emerged as a popular destination for workers from all domains. 

The Netherlands has one of the shortest workweeks in the world, helping the workers spend more time with their families and friends. The employees also receive paid vacation days and generous parental leaves on top of that. Further, there exists a minimal income inequality rate, which has been decreasing continually for two decades now. 


In recent years, Ireland has developed into one of the best countries to live in and has become an attraction to internationals looking for jobs. With a startup boom and a significant emphasis on business creation, the requirement for skilled workers is on the rise, especially in Dublin, the nation’s capital. Ireland is one of the emerging economies in Europe and is a blend of a high standard of living, affordable living conditions, and favorable working circumstances.


Greece is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to live in and combined with the beaches, the landscapes, the culture, and serenity; it is one of the top EU countries where people move for work. Even though Greece has witnessed some economic setbacks in recent times, it still stands as an excellent choice for some international experience. Greece offers a low cost of living, which includes rent, utilities, and transportation, which is optimal for workers moving from other countries to Greece.


Switzerland has always been the go-to location to live and work for other EU nationalists. This is why a single trip down to the supermarket will introduce you to people of different cultures, and you can hear a multitude of languages, including French, German, Romansch, and Italian to name a few.

For the workforce, employers in Switzerland boost the morale of their employees to be productive during work hours by discouraging any overtime and offering significant vacation time. Unemployment in the Swiss land is low, and expats have an advantage if they speak either Swiss, German or French. Cities like Zurich and Geneva have become hubs for expats to move in to and work.


Out of all the EU countries mentioned in the list, Iceland might be the richest in the natural landscape. The land of fire and ice, as it is often called, has seen a massive influx of expats in recent years, which can be directly linked to the economic slowdown, which has reduced the cost of living and opened up new avenues for jobs in all domains.  

Foreign nationalists are considered valued contributors to the country’s economy and the culture, which makes it one of the best countries to live in if you wish to move for work. The cost of living is not high, and the country is easily accessible to all of Europe with inexpensive airports. Moreover, the country is currently thriving, and it’s a modern economy nurtured within the EU.

So, there you have it. These are the top 10 countries to live and work in the EU. However, there may be many other countries in the EU better suited for your needs. Each country has its pros and cons, and it is important to take note of them before you move anywhere in the EU.

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